As with any medical treatment, there are many factors of having braces that have been exaggerated. These myths and misconceptions can make people hesitant to get braces and other orthodontic treatments. Read on to learn the truth behind common braces myths.

I’ll Be in Pain the Whole Time

The first common braces myth that can inhibit people from seeking orthodontic care is the idea that they’ll be in pain throughout the whole process. The idea of radically changing your teeth alignment may sound like it will cause you a lot of pain. However, braces straighten your teeth by providing constant pressure that slowly shifts them into the correct position. When you have braces, you’ll only feel some pain or discomfort for the first few days, as your teeth adjust to this new pressure. However, some basic over-the-counter pain medications can help you get through these few days of discomfort. When you get your braces tightened, you may experience some slight discomfort, but you shouldn’t be in constant pain. If you find yourself dealing with constant pain, you probably need something adjusted

Braces Look Bad

Another common reason why people may be hesitant to get braces is that they believe they look tacky or bad. It’s common in movies and television shows to see characters made fun of because they have braces. However, in reality, nearly every person goes through some sort of orthodontic care during their life, so braces are not the accessory of social outcasts. There are also many orthodontic options you can choose from if you don’t want your treatment to be quite as visible. Lingual braces are the same brackets and wires treatment, but they are attached to the backside of your teeth, making it the perfect option for someone worried about the appearance of braces. You can also choose to get Invisalign or another clear aligner provider.

No Need for Upkeep

The final common myth that may be associated with braces is that once they’re taken off, your smile is set forever. After months to years of getting your teeth straightened, you may feel some immense relief at the process coming to an end. However, you can’t just sit back and expect your teeth to stay straight forever. Your teeth will return to their original positions if you don’t perform regular upkeep. This means that after you get your braces removed, you’ll be fitted for a retainer, which you wear while you sleep. This device keeps your teeth in their new position and ensures that they stay straight for the rest of your life.

Getting braces is an incredibly common process, but there are a lot of misconceptions about what happens during this treatment. Don’t let these myths stop you from getting the treatment you need. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to speak to your dentist about the process.

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