It is normal to feel some anxiety about getting braces. While braces do require a few small lifestyle changes, we want to set your mind at ease. When it comes to braces, there is nothing that you can’t easily handle with a few basic strategies.

Can I Still Play Sports?

Braces should never be the reason you stop playing sports. However, to stay on track with your orthodontic treatment and avoid serious injury, you will need to wear an orthodontic mouth guard. This is especially important for contact sports, but it is a good idea for any sport. Made of soft silicone, mouth guards are comfortable. And don’t worry, a lot of kids your age wear braces, which means you will see plenty of mouth guards out in the field or on the court.

Will My Braces Hurt?

It is impossible to adjust your bite and move your teeth without a little bit of discomfort. However, braces work gradually, which means that the pain is very tolerable. The main times you will feel some discomfort are when you first get your braces placed and whenever they are adjusted. Thankfully, your mouth adapts quickly, and the pain only lasts a day or two. While your teeth adjust, there are ways to relieve your discomfort. Over-the-counter pain medicines such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and acetaminophen are very effective. Additionally, you can numb your mouth and reduce swelling with an ice pack. It takes a little time, but before you know it, you will forget your braces are even there.

What If I Feel Ugly in Braces?

While braces are a normal part of life for many teens, you might feel a little self-conscious about your new look. If you are seriously worried about this, there are alternative treatment methods, such as Invisalign. However, what you might need most is a proper perspective. In modern society, braces have almost become a rite of passage that most people go through at some point. At the same time, you can remember that nobody focuses on your braces when they look at you. They will look right past them at your bright smile and sparkling eyes. Finally, try to remember that you are investing in your future smile. Within a few short years, you will have the smile you have dreamed about.

Getting braces will affect your life. However, this effect can be minimal with the right strategies. And a beautiful, straight, aligned smile will be your reward at the end of it.

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