It’s impossible to get your teeth properly straightened without a high-quality orthodontist. Seeing your orthodontist regularly helps you be able to complete the process of straightening your teeth properly. The following are the times when you may visit the orthodontist.

Every 4-8 Weeks for Tightening

Throughout the length of your treatment, your braces straighten your teeth by continuous pressure on your teeth. To get this correct amount of pressure, it’s necessary to regularly tighten the wires in your braces. How often you do this is dependent on your orthodontist and your specific treatment. However, traditionally, you’ll go to your orthodontist every 4-8 weeks to check up on your progress, and get any tightening done that you need to do. This ensures that your progress will go smoothly and that your teeth will be properly straightened.

New Equipment

Another reason you may need to see your orthodontist aside from regular visits is if you need to get new equipment attached to your braces. Sometimes, the treatment period requires further equipment to fix any dental issues you may have. Things like rubber bands, headgear, spacers, and more may all be needed to complete your treatment. If you need this equipment for any portion of your treatment period, you may have an extra appointment or two to install and adjust this equipment. 

Emergency Visits

There are also orthodontist visits that you can’t plan ahead for. Sometimes, during your braces treatment, you may require emergency help from your orthodontist. If you break a bracket, for example, it’s important that you get it fixed as quickly as possible. A broken bracket can make your braces less effective and cause you further harm. Other emergencies may also come up that require an emergency visit to your orthodontist. Orthodontists know that these things happen, and will do their best to accommodate your emergency as quickly as possible. If you do come across a braces emergency, be sure to notify your orthodontist right away and follow their recommendations.

Seeing your orthodontist can be a nerve-wracking experience. It’s always a little difficult to go to medical appointments, but it’s important that you see your orthodontist whenever necessary to receive the proper treatment. These are the likely times when you’ll need to visit your orthodontist.

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