It seems crazy that things such as brushing your teeth change when you get braces, but it’s important to learn the best way to do so. When you have braces, there is a higher likelihood of cavities from remaining bacteria. Utilize the following tips to brush your teeth properly.

Use the Right Supplies

While the process of brushing your teeth remains roughly the same with and without braces, the equipment you’ll need for the process will differ slightly. Normal toothbrushes and flossers don’t reach the areas surrounding your brackets, and can miss areas of your teeth. Because the brackets and wires are constantly touching your teeth, missing these areas can lead to more cavities and tooth decay. An electric toothbrush does a better job of reaching these areas than a traditional toothbrush. For in between your teeth, and behind your brackets, floss threaders can make it easier to maneuver around your braces.

Brush After Every Meal

When you’re not going through orthodontic treatment, brushing your teeth twice per day is enough to rid your mouth of any harmful bacteria. However, when you have braces, the need for brushing becomes more consistently needed. The presence of the metal against your teeth makes it easier for more bacteria to become trapped against your teeth. This makes it necessary to brush your teeth after every meal, to prevent any further cavities. Begin by brushing around the outside edges of your teeth, then angling the brush to better reach under the wires and between your teeth and gums. 

Keep Things Clean

Just like with ordinary oral health equipment, a necessary part of brushing your teeth with braces is keeping your equipment clean. Try to keep your toothbrush as far away from the toilet as possible. Be sure to close the toilet lid before flushing to avoid spreading germs through the air. If your braces appliances are removable, such as invisalign aligners, be sure to properly wash them as well before putting them back in your mouth. With invisalign, a rinse with warm water will usually do the trick. However, you can wash them with denture cleaner if you’d like a more thorough cleaning.

Many aspects of your lifestyle have to adjust to beginning braces treatment, including how you brush your teeth. The maintenance of your oral health is more important now than ever, so learning the proper way to brush your teeth is vital. Follow these steps to ensure that your teeth remain healthy while going through braces treatment.

To learn more about the proper way to brush your teeth with braces, click here!

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