Braces can help you achieve straight teeth that look great and also keep you healthy overall. However, they can also be difficult to pay for. Luckily, financial aid options like these can help you pay for your braces treatment, and help you get the straight teeth you want without the stress.

Dental Insurance

The primary way that most individuals receive financial aid for orthodontic treatment is through their dental insurance plan. Just as with other types of insurance, dental insurance plans help cover some of the larger costs of treatment. However, it is important to ensure ahead of time that your orthodontist accepts such insurance. Different orthodontist offices accept different insurance plans.

Dental Discount Plan

If your employer does not provide dental insurance for you, private dental insurance can be incredibly expensive. Consequently, a dental discount plan can be another great financial aid option. Dental discount plans are an alternative to dental insurance and work slightly differently. Instead of the company paying a portion of the care cost, they negotiate a discounted rate with the treatment provider. You then pay this amount in full.  If you cannot afford to pay for private dental insurance, but still need financial aid in paying for dental treatment, a dental discount plan could help you pay for orthodontic treatment. 


The last financial aid option that can help you pay for braces is a health savings plan or a flexible savings plan. These are different types of financial accounts that are dedicated specifically to paying for any medical expenses. If you have a health savings account, you typically contribute a percentage of your income every month and, in turn, you can use that money to pay for any medical expenses that arise. A flexible savings account has the same basic properties as an HSA, but the funds are contributed from your pre-tax income by your employer. Having an HSA or FSA handy can help you find the funds you need to make your braces payments. These are especially helpful when coupled with dental insurance or a discount plan.

While worth every penny, braces can be expensive. Depending on your situation and access to employee benefits, it can be difficult to find the funds to pay for orthodontic treatment. These financial aid options can help you make the payments you need to get braces and achieve the smile you deserve!

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