Many may be aware that there are lifestyle changes that come with getting braces, but not everyone knows what they are. It’s important, when beginning braces treatment, to prepare yourself for any lifestyle changes you may need to make. These aren’t huge changes, but are all quite important for the continuing health of your teeth.

Avoiding Certain Foods

One of the biggest lifestyle adjustments you go through after getting braces is learning which foods to avoid. Certain foods can break some of the machinery within your mouth and be expensive and difficult to repair. It’s not the end of the world if you break a bracket or two, but it’s really best to avoid these types of foods whenever possible. Hard and chewy foods, as well as any that could get stuck between the teeth, are especially important to avoid. Some common examples of these foods include hard candies, popcorn, and gummy candies. These foods can get stuck in places that are difficult to clean by anyone other than a dentist, and can also break brackets. Avoiding them helps to keep your teeth as healthy as possible during the treatment.

Brushing and Flossing

Because there’s so much new machinery in your mouth, there are a lot more places for food to get stuck. This makes brushing and flossing even more important. Some individuals didn’t brush their teeth as often as they should have while going through braces treatment, and ended up with discoloration where their braces had been that was difficult to remedy. The increased possibility for cavity and tooth decay means you need to brush your teeth more often than the usual twice a day. It is usually recommended to brush your teeth to remove any possible food left behind from your meal. When you floss, use a floss threader or water flosser for the easiest access. Diligently brushing and flossing your teeth keeps them healthy and strong while they’re being straightened.


Braces require constant small adjustments to ensure your teeth are adjusting properly. This means you’ll need to make regular visits to your orthodontist so your braces can be tightened and adjusted. Every month or two, you’ll need to check in with your orthodontist to ensure the process is going well. This also means you’ll have to adjust your schedule around these appointments. If you need to miss work or school for your appointments, you’ll need to plan ahead and make up for any missed work.

Getting braces can be a big adjustment, but if you’re aware of the lifestyle changes that accompany the treatment, you can make the transition easier. Take the time to learn about and prepare for the lifestyle changes you’ll need to make during your braces treatment. Any adjustments made will be well worth the final result.

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