Your Appointments

We appreciate your effort to be on time for your appointments. We understand that sometimes circumstances may prevent you from making your appointment on time, and for this we offer a 15 minute grace period. If we can work you in to our schedule we will, but this may not always be the case. If we are running behind, it is because we are giving every patient our best care and attention as we will do for you when it is time for your appointment.

We appreciate a 24 hour notice for any cancellations if possible.  Failure to make your appointment will result in a $25.00 “No Show” fee in efforts to keep failed appointments to a minimum. You will receive notification via email if you have missed an appointment.


If your child breaks something, but it is not causing discomfort, please know that this is not considered an emergency. We will be happy to schedule them for the next available appointment, which can typically be scheduled within the following 24-72 hours.  If your child breaks something that IS causing discomfort, call us immediately. Always call ahead of time if you need to come in to have something repaired. If we are closed and any real emergency has occurred, please call Dr. Farley on his cell, (713) 385-7906.


For the health and consideration of our doctor, staff, and other patients, please do not come to the office if you are sick, have a fever, or are under the care of a doctor. We will be more than happy to reschedule your appointment.

Oral Hygiene

Tooth brushes and toothpaste are always available at our office and should be used prior to your appointment. Clean teeth and gums are essential to good oral health. If you do not keep good oral hygiene it can lead to permanent scarring to tooth enamel. We educate our patients on how to prevent this during treatment.

Your Appliance

Be careful with your appliances.  They are not indestructible! If you play with them they are likely to break. They can also be dislodged, or broken when eating the wrong foods.