Braces are far more than just embarrassing metal that middle schoolers wear on their teeth. This treatment can help vastly improve your overall health and give you newfound confidence in your appearance. The following are just a few of the reasons you may want to seek braces treatment.

Boost Confidence

Your smile is a big part of you, and having one that you can be proud of can make all the difference in your confidence. All smiles are beautiful, but many people are self-conscious about any crooked teeth or bite problems they may have. Rather than dealing with the discomfort and self-consciousness, orthodontic treatment can help fix these issues. Braces are able to adjust your teeth to be straight and give you a smile you can have confidence in. It only takes a few years of treatment to have a smile that you can enjoy forever. If you’re worried about the look of traditional braces, there are other options for orthodontic care that can help you towards the same goal. Invisalign and lingual braces are less visible options that can help you work toward a straighter smile.

Prevent Future Issues

Having a crooked bite or misaligned teeth is not inherently bad, but these factors can lead to health issues that are more serious. Any misalignment of your teeth can make them more difficult to clean, leading to a higher chance of tooth decay and other oral health issues. These issues can be remedied with dental work, but can lead to more serious problems if not dealt with immediately. It’s far easier and less expensive to prevent these issues than to treat them later on. Completing braces treatment prevents these future issues from occurring. Additionally, a crooked bite can cause constant pain and discomfort to you. Braces fix this issue as well.

Help With Pain

When your teeth aren’t properly aligned, it causes extreme stress to the entire structure of your mouth and jaw. The stress placed on your jaw’s joints can cause you pain and discomfort that can be debilitating. Seeking orthodontic treatment adjusts your teeth and jaw back into place to stop this pain from occurring. Sometimes, this involves extra methods of treatment such as jaw expanders or headgear. These occurrences are relatively uncommon, however, as traditional braces do a phenomenal job of correcting these issues on their own. 

Getting braces can be incredibly helpful for a variety of reasons. If you suffer from misaligned teeth or jaw, these can become serious issues if left untreated. No matter your reasons for wanting braces, trust Farley Orthodontics for your care.

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