When you get braces, the first few days of treatment can be a big adjustment. Knowing what to expect can help you be more prepared and less stressed by any symptoms during this time. Read on to learn what to expect for your first week with braces.

Pain and Discomfort

Getting your braces on can bring with it some pain and discomfort. Getting braces is a big adjustment for your teeth. Metal brackets and wires are attached to your teeth, and you’ll experience constant pulling in the beginning. This can make you feel more sensitive, and lead to some pain and discomfort for the first few days. This is completely normal, and can usually be taken care of with over-the-counter pain medications. If you’re still experiencing some sensitivity, eating or drinking something cold can help reduce the discomfort. If your pain lasts longer than a week or so, check with your orthodontist to make sure everything is going okay.


Another important thing you need to remember in your first week of having braces is how to clean your mouth. Especially with the added metal attached to your teeth, regularly cleaning your teeth is absolutely essential. After each meal, be sure to brush your teeth and floss once per day. It’s important to be thorough when you brush, cleaning carefully around each of your brackets. During your first few days with braces, you may require some other upkeep as well. For example, if your brackets or wires are irritating the inside of your mouth, you can apply braces wax to stop it from irritating further.

What to Eat

The final important factor to consider when you first get your braces is what to eat while you’re adjusting to the treatment. For the first few days, any hard or chewy foods may be painful to chew, so it’s best to stick with soft foods. To help ease the pain, consider incorporating more smoothies during those first few days. After you’ve adjusted to your braces, there are still some foods you should avoid. Anything that can get stuck in between your braces, or break your brackets should be avoided. For example, popcorn, caramel, bubble gum, hard candies, and more can all damage your braces.

Adjusting to life with braces can be difficult. There are many changes you’ll need to go through to have a healthy treatment. Keep these in mind during the first week of your treatment to ensure the adjustment goes as smoothly as possible.

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