Many people put off getting orthodontic treatment because they don’t want braces. However, in the past twenty years or so, other treatment options have increased in popularity. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment option that can help you get straight teeth without much of the hassle of braces.

No Off-Limit Foods

When you get braces, there are quite a few lifestyle changes you need to make to help the treatment go well. One of these changes is to stop eating certain foods that can damage your braces. Things like gummy candies, popcorn, and others can get stuck between your braces and break brackets. If you have braces, you’ll need to stop eating these foods for the duration of your treatment. However, one of the perks of Invisalign is the fact that your aligners can be removed. Every time you eat, you simply take out your aligners, and you’re free to enjoy any food you’d like. 

Less Visible

One of the main downsides to getting braces is just how visible the treatment is. Many people find themselves feeling insecure about how they look with braces. This is completely normal, and it can be helpful to remember the temporary nature of the treatment. However, many people find it easier on their confidence to get Invisalign instead. Invisalign is so named because its aligners are much more invisible than braces are. These clear aligners are much harder to spot than braces, and can even be removed for pictures or other events. 

Fewer Emergency Visits

Because braces are physically attached to your teeth, there are some ways in which things could go wrong. For example, if you eat one of the foods that aren’t allowed, and break a bracket, you’ll need to go back to your orthodontist to have the issue fixed as quickly as possible. Other emergencies include breaking a wire and experiencing excessive pain. When you choose to get Invisalign treatment instead of braces, you have far fewer emergency visits than you do with braces. This can help save you time and money, especially because Invisalign is also thousands of dollars cheaper than braces. 

Many people have discovered the benefits of Invisalign as opposed to braces. This type of treatment can be a great option for many people. However, it should be noted that braces are better for treating more serious dental issues. If you have issues that require more serious treatment, braces may still be the best option for you. No matter what treatment option you decide on, Farley Orthodontics can help make the experience as positive as possible.

Want to learn more? Farley Orthodontics offers a wide variety of treatment options to help you achieve your best smile. Click here to learn more, and set up your free consultation today!


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